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Lawrence J. Siemer

Mr. Siemer has been practicing law since 1981, having graduated in the top 15% of his class at the University of Cincinnati. His initial experience was as an associate with major law firms (100+ lawyers) in Southern Ohio, where he practiced complex litigation primarily, but also had his first cases in the family law area. His work in these large firms led him to establish contacts in Florida and he relocated here in 1985. He achieved a partnership in the Firm of Mathews, Osborne, McNatt, Gobelman, and Cobb, a mid-size Jacksonville firm, and then left in 1990 to establish his own practice, initially with a partner and later, since 2001, by himself. Family law has been a significant part of his practice since the early 1990’s and he has practiced family law exclusively for at least twelve years.

Before going to law school, Larry graduated with a degree in finance (also from the University of Cincinnati) and worked in finance and accounting for Fortune 500 companies for several years. The skills he acquired there he uses daily, as virtually everything in a family case, with the important exceptions of time-sharing and parental responsibility concerning children, deals with financial issues.

Mr. Siemer’s clients call him “Larry”.

Patricia L. Siemer

Patricia (“Trish”) Siemer works primarily with clients on the financial aspects of their cases. In most family law cases, each party is required to file a financial affidavit, which we believe to be one of the most (if not the most) important document in the case.  It is the document which sets out what income the party has, what living expenses they have each month (vital in analyzing alimony), and what property and debt exists. When done properly, the financial affidavit details essential facts which the lawyers, the parties and the judge need to know to establish alimony and child support, and to divide the parties’ property and debt in a divorce.

Florida law also requires, in most cases, that each party provide the other with a substantial number of financial documents near the beginning of each case. Trish works with each client to comply with this requirement.

Trish graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in accounting in 1977. From 1978 until 1986 she worked as an accountant for the University of Cincinnati. She relocated to Jacksonville in 1986 and accepted a position in accounting with St. Vincent’s Medical Center, where she rose to the position of Director of Financial Accounting. She left St. Vincent’s in 2011 after twenty-five years of service and has worked with the Firm since 2012.

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