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Divorce (called “Dissolution of Marriage” by Florida courts) is about ending a marriage. That’s obvious – Right? When you have concluded – or your spouse has - that “happily ever after” is a phrase that just doesn’t apply to your marriage, the emotional turmoil can be overwhelming. You may have had many sleepless nights trying to figure out how to tell your partner that it just isn’t working or wondering about what went wrong, and chances are that your mind has been mainly focused on that issue. From a legal standpoint, however, that issue is the simplest. Why? Florida is a “no-fault” state and, essentially, if you want to be single and have lived in Florida for six months you can be. It’s pretty much that simple. So what makes divorce complicated? The main issues are frequently:

  • Dividing the marital property and debt. (link to “Property/Debt”)
  • Determining whether one spouse will have an obligation to support the other. (link to “Alimony”)
  • Determining how much time each parent will have with the children and who will be making decisions relating to them. (link to “Custody”)
  • How much child support will have to be paid. (link to “Child Support”)
  • Determining whether one side will have to assist the other with his/her legal fees and costs. (link to “Attorney Fees”)

All of these issues can be much more complicated than they would at first appear. For example, you may be wondering just what “marital property” is. You may be asking yourself: “Am I going to be responsible for his/her credit card bills?” or “How does the judge decide who the children live with?”

One question which most people have is simply how the process works. If you haven’t been involved with the court system before, it probably seems pretty mysterious and intimidating – and it certainly can be that. In general terms, during the case each party will be required to file papers stating their positions on the main issues; each will have to provide mandatory financial information and, if there are children, each will have to take a parenting class; there will usually be a settlement conference (mediation) if you and your spouse can’t work things out without it; and, if you can’t work things out even with mediation, then the judge will have a trial at which both spouses can present evidence. The judge, rather than you and your spouse, will then decide what happens.

We have been dealing with these issues exclusively for many years and can provide the experience, compassion and support you need to navigate this difficult process.

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